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Handy hints for your Margaret River or South West wedding

Planning a wedding in the Margaret River region? Here are some tips you might find useful when booking vendors and organising the details of your wedding reception.

  • Book your vendors as soon as possible. The South West region is an incredibly popular place for couples to tie the knot and quality wedding vendors can book out over a year in advance.


  • Be prepared for the weather to change. Outdoor weddings are fantastic but it might be a good idea to suggest guests bring a coat for those chilly nights. We have also been having rain right up into late November/early December in Margaret River so keep that in mind if planning your wedding around that time.


  • Take your time (if possible). This keeps the stress levels low and allows you time to visit venue’s and speak to vendors.


  • Consider the environment. Instead of purchasing props and decorations for your special day, think about items which you could make, borrow or thrift for the day to reduce waste.


Choosing and making the most out of your wedding DJ

  • Choose an experienced wedding There are many different types out there and it is important that your DJ is familiar with and has experience with weddings. A well-seasoned wedding DJ will know the proceedings of the reception and will be able to run it like clockwork or a well-rehearsed performance. It is important to balance experience with enthusiasm so it’s not treated like ‘just another wedding’.


  • Presentation will indicate quality. A lot of wedding vendors are online now and it can be inconvenient to meet each and every one. Ensure that your DJ has a quality website or brochure which clearly explains their services. If a wedding vendor puts effort into these things they will also put effort into their appearance and work on the day.


  • A quality DJ will take pride in their equipment and providing you with high quality sound and lighting. It’s important that all equipment and cabling is neat and tidy as we all know how important looks are on this occasion.


  • Provide your DJ with a comprehensive song list or ensure you look through the music they have available and enquire about any songs that you might like to have on the night. If you do find yourself providing certain tracks be sure they are high quality files. An average quality sound file will sound fine on your iPod or headphones but not on a professional PA system an mp3 file should have a minimum of 224 kbps or lossless m4a/WAV/FLAC format.


  • On your RSVP, include a space for your guests to suggest a song which they might like to hear at your reception. This can make it feel a lot more personal when the DJ is able to announce the names of guests for requests.


  • Most importantly, let your hair down and have fun! The biggest mistake is worrying what everyone else is thinking and not enjoying your one wedding night for yourself.






Dylan & Jaimee

JBL PRX7 series subs and top boxes with differential drive technology now avilable

Since the mid 1940’s, JBL has been widely regarded as the world’s finest professional loudspeaker manufacturer. This reputation is built on a platform of technical innovation that delivers reliability and quality of sound.

Up until the last few years if you wanted decent sound you needed to carry around speaker cabinets the size and weight of a fridge, along with a 40-50kg power amp and have access to multiple power outlets or even 3 phase outlets. If you were lucky you could fit a 130dB SPL system in a van.

Fast forward to today and I can pickup an equally powerful system with just 2 fingers on each hand, thanks to JBL’s differential drive technology. Heat sinks are integrated into the driver’s cast aluminum frame, and the neodymium magnets are placed inside the driver’s dual voice coil assembly, completing the magnetic circuit without the heavy surrounding steel structure of conventional drivers. The resulting sound quality is extraordinarily transparent, even at very high SPL, while system weight, power draw and physical footprint can be reduced by as much as half when compared to conventional speaker systems.What does all this jargon mean?

The power draw of a 133db SPL rated PRX710 at the wall is just 100w at full volume. To think I could have 24 of these running on just a single 10amp circuit is mind boggling to say the least! Especially considering just 4 of these boxes are equivalent to a jet takeoff. The best part is when they are not in use the power consumption will drop to just 9w, and 1w in total standby mode.

I look forward to putting this new technology to the test with a wide array of weddings and events.