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Back to the south west after 7 years

G’Day folks,

A brief introduction for me and the new and exciting things I can offer in the world of sound and lighting.

Seven years ago I left the south west after DJing and organising a number of parties and events to further pursue my passion and attend the WAAPA Sound Adv. Dip. course.

After the second year I began working in the industry as an in house ‘sound guy’ facilitating the setup and mixing of ~16 bands over a weekend ranging from solo vocal to metal to big band performances.

I began to run out of time when in my third year of sound school I took on a second job of a corporate sound technician supplying super duper clean and high quality setups to the likes of the Crown casino and the Perth Convention & Entertainment complex.

After finishing the WAAPA sound course decided to get cultured and lived in Melbourne for two years while starting to collect some super duper gear of my own with the dream of starting my own business in the high end sound and lighting field.

Now back in Dunsborough I have a compact but very capable system for DJing, simple music playback and single vocal events. The equipment for band mixing will be added in the near future.

For me this is not just a job but a passion and I endeavor to go above and beyond for every event.