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 Sound Equipment

($100ea) Allen & Heath QU-16 Digital Mixer (x1)

($40ea) Alesis MultiMix 10 rackmount mixer (10 input 2 fb sends) (x1)

($40ea) ART MX622 rackmount mixer (6 input LR out) (x2)

($100ea) Pioneer DDJ-SX2 4 channel digital DJ system (x1)

($60ea) Pioneer DDJ-SR 2 channel digital DJ system (x1)

($50ea) JBL PRX710 powered full range 1500w (Foldback or FOH) (x4)

($60ea) JBL PRX712 powered full range 1500w (Foldback or FOH) (x4)

($80ea) JBL PRX718 18″ powered 1500w SUB (x4)

($50ea) 12″ powered 600w SUB (Drumfill) (x1)

($40ea) Shure BLX24R Beta58 Radio Mic & Receiver (x2)

($20ea) 8 Way 20m XLR Send Multicore & Stagebox (x2)

($20ea) 6 Way 20m XLR Return Multicore (x1)

($10ea) DBX 231S dual 31 band EQ (x1)

($10ea) DBX 215S dual 15 band EQ (x1)

($10ea) Shure Beta58 Mic (x2)

($10ea) Shure SM58 Mic (x4)

($10ea) Shure Beta 57 Mic (x2)

($10ea) Shure SM57 Mic (x4)

($10ea) AKG P170 Pencil Condenser Mic (x2)

($10ea) Line Audio CM3 Condenser Mic (x2)

($10ea) Audix D6 Kick Mic (x1)

($10ea) Klark Teknik DI (x2)

($10ea) Radial Stagebug DI (x2)

($10ea) Tama Stage Series Mic Stand (short or boom) (x8)

(free with subs) Sub mounted speaker pole          

(free with speakers) K&M tripod speaker stand

(free with rack gear) 8RU or 6RU roadcase


Lighting Equipment

($40ea) AVE 120w LED RGB Moving Head (x2)

($30ea) CR 180mw Laser Pink Red Blue (x1)

($30ea) SDV Stormbird 10w LED FX Light (x1)

($30ea) Chauvet Techno Strobe (x2)

($30ea) Chauvet hurricane 1100 fog machine (x1)

($25ea) Chauvet Obey10 DMX controller (x1)

($15ea) LED RGB DMX par can (x4)

($15ea) LED Dance dome light (x2)

($15ea) AVE Tripod lighting stand with T bar (x2)


AV Equipment

($100ea) Mipro MA-707 battery PA system with ipod/USB/cd playback and wireless microphone (x2)

($200ea) NEC NP-PA622U Full HD 6200 lumen projector with 120″ tripod stand or 200″ projection curtain (x1)

($100ea) Viewsonic PJD7822HDL Full HD 3200 lumen projector with 120″ tripod stand (x1)

($80ea) iPad Air 32GB (x1)

($20ea) Apple TV Gen3 (x1)

($20ea) Blu-Ray/DVD/CD Player (x1)

($10ea) Wireless N Router (x1)


 All signal and power cables included


Terms & Conditions

Price is for 24 hours only unless otherwise arranged

Price is for pickup from Dunsborough or Margaret River location, delivery can be arranged for 50c per km from 6285 (pickup included)

Setup/operate fee $100p/h

1 photo ID and 1 other form of ID required on pickup/delivery

Terms and conditions hire agreement must be signed on pickup/delivery